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Animations (19)
Budweiser Mr Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator Icon
2 Stars Icon
Budweiser Mr Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator
Budweiser presents you real men of genius. It takes you to a nude camp where men and women do activities together naked. Get Budweiser now and get what you deserve.
Cat Herding Icon
4 Stars Icon
Cat Herding
Do not let anyone tell you cat herding is easy. Anyone can herd cattle, but keeping 10,000 short hairs together, well that is a different story.
Cats In The Kettle Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cats In The Kettle
Great remake of the song Cats in the Cradle. In this flash movie, The Cat is in the Kettle.
Caught On Web Cam Icon
0 Stars Icon
Caught On Web Cam
If you are trying to impress your family and want them to think that you are a nice tidy boy. Don't let your girl walk in front of the web cam half naked. They will only think they haven't raised you well.
Christina Exposed Icon
0 Stars Icon
Christina Exposed
Do you want to text message for just as little as 3p? Use Virgin Mobile and surprise everyone. The devil makes work for idle thumbs. Virgin Mobile
Coca Cola Rescue Icon
3 Stars Icon
Coca Cola Rescue
Are you in big trouble? A very strange position? or you have no way out? Don't worry, Coca Cola comes to the rescue, need to be rescued? Get a COCA COLA
Coins Part One Icon
0 Stars Icon
Coins Part One
The best tricks you've ever seen done with a coin by lonely boys that have nothing else to do. Get a girlfriend.AXE, the axe effect
Cool 7Up Ad Icon
0 Stars Icon
Cool 7Up Ad
7Up great cool refreshing drink that you would do anything for. Drink it every day anywhere. 7Up gives you the pleasure you want to feel while drinking it.7Up.
Coors Light Numbers Icon
3 Stars Icon
Coors Light Numbers
Coors can help get your number across exactly to where you want it! All the way across the room on the napkin of choice?
Copperfield Cut In Half Icon
0 Stars Icon
Copperfield Cut In Half
An impressive show, 2 gorgeous girls and Master Copperfield. Magic is Copperfield`s middle name. he handles it better than anyone. Copperfield worlds greatest magician.
Copy Of Addiction Icon
0 Stars Icon
Copy Of Addiction
My bottle of Addiction is empty now! But, not sure it ever got me to dance like this.
Dad, I'm Pregnant! Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dad, I'm Pregnant!
If you are looking for a long chat with your dad while trying to tell him that you are pregnant you should get Vodafone pay 3 get 60
Dad, I'm Pregnant! Icon
4 Stars Icon
Dad, I'm Pregnant!
If you are looking for a long chat with your dad while trying to tell him that you are pregnant you should get Vodafone pay 3 get 60
Date Doctor Icon
3 Stars Icon
Date Doctor
If your job doesn't get you the results you'd like and it even makes a fool out of you. Try using aspirational business cards. You will absolutely get her number.
Dolce and Gabana See In Pink Icon
0 Stars Icon
Dolce and Gabana See In Pink
If you walk into your room and the cleaning lady looks hot. make sure you're not wearing Dolce and Gabana, it makes the world look better.Dolce and Gabana, life`s much better with them.
Down Goes Roker Icon
3 Stars Icon
Down Goes Roker
Al Roker takes a tumble while doing a news broadcast for the Today Show.
Drunk Girl Icon
3 Stars Icon
Drunk Girl
Drinking is one thing. Getting drunk is another. It's funny to watch, but this young girl shows us all why a balanced view of drinking can help you to keep your balance.
Easy To Use Prestone Icon
3 Stars Icon
Easy To Use Prestone
You thought it wasn't possible? Yes it is, now anyone can be a car guy. with PRESTONE oil it's easier then ever. easy to chose, easy to use. PRESTONE
Escape the Sofa Icon
0 Stars Icon
Escape the Sofa
Have you ever had one of those days when you just can not get off the sofa no matter how hard you try? In this video, the sofa comes alive. Is their any hope of escaping the sofa?
Espn Radio Icon
3 Stars Icon
Espn Radio
ESPN. Do you want your kid to be good and learn interesting things while you are doing something else? Espn, get your radio on.
Euro Super Cop Icon
3 Stars Icon
Euro Super Cop
A funny video from Europe. A policeman demonstrates his Super Cop powers as he foils some bank robbers. Is it real or just a dream?
Explosion Of Dog Icon
3 Stars Icon
Explosion Of Dog
Get a look at this guy trying to play with his dog which eventually gets blown up because the gas man gave the dog gas to drink. Watch the explosiive ending.
Family Guy - Diamonds Icon
0 Stars Icon
Family Guy - Diamonds
A good family guy clip explaining why diamonds are really a man's best friend. If you give your lady diamonds, "She'll pretty much have to."
Fiat Crabs Are Smart Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fiat Crabs Are Smart
This Fiat Seicento advert uses a very attractive sun-bathing woman along with beach crabs showing the creatures of nature really are smart. She releases her bikini so no tan lines and lies down when a cunning crab comes out and pinches her so all the othe
First Impressions Icon
3 Stars Icon
First Impressions
Don't judge too quickly because you might be wrong.
Ford Fusion How To Shoot A Car Ad Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ford Fusion How To Shoot A Car Ad
Make every day exciting with Ford. Ford Fusion has everything you need on it, but girls. Get a Ford Fusion and get the girls. the new Ford Fusion, the no nonsense car!
Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6 Dream Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6 Dream
Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6 is absolutely your dream car. You can do anything you want with it. It is a powerful car with great handling. You should get it if you can. You will not regret it. Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6
Ford Shelby GT500 Need For Speed Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ford Shelby GT500 Need For Speed
If you want one of the fastest series cars in the world and like the Ford Shelby GT500 you should know its worth the money. Ford Bold Moves, get the car you need to satisfy your need for speed
Ford Sierra Burnouts Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ford Sierra Burnouts
Who could ever thought that you could do burnouts and drifting with a Ford Sierra 2.0L DOHC. Well you can. Watch this video as a proof. It is better than some cars I've seen doing the same thing. Ford Sierra 2.0L DOHC
Frustrating Tongue Cleaning Icon
0 Stars Icon
Frustrating Tongue Cleaning
Make your husband clean the flat with his tongue by spilling beer all over. But if you want the same treatment be sure that you've got some beer left. Frustrating, the beer you can't afford to run out of.
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